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Alice design, construction, and management examples

T-sama garden, Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture

"A garden where you can live with cats"

The land, which was originally a field, was designed into a garden where both cats and people can relax. The design is such that perennials and annuals are planted in a well-balanced manner, and the annuals are spilled seeds that multiply every year and become familiar with the years. In addition to the initial design, we gradually created a vegetable garden, a killifish pond, a simple wooden fence, a pergola, and paving stones using stones excavated from the site.


K-sama garden, Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture

"Healing Rooftop Garden"

This garden, created on the rooftop of the hospital, is used by residents for rehabilitation and walks. It is divided into an east and west building, and the photo shows the lawn and border garden of the east building, while the west building has a pond garden where small fishes swim. Even on the rooftop, the garden is created using the Alice Method, which allows for the gardening without the need for fertilizer or replanting.

H-san's garden, Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture

"A garden of ease and ease"

The garden, which was once used by the husband to enjoy bonsai and garden trees, has been re-gardened into a place where the wife can also enjoy the four seasons. The arrangements are made using items that are already there, such as a concrete board that was used as a stand for bonsai. At Alice, we base our gardens on the idea of not throwing things away, and we also arrange things to give new life to things by using what is already there so as not to waste anything.


Y Garden, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture

"Grassland Garden"

The space was originally used as a large parking lot, and was designed and constructed with the concept of a meadow garden swaying in the breeze. The front half is a parking space and a border garden, and the back half has a fire pit and shed, making it an edible garden with mainly fruit trees, vegetables, fruit-bearing plants, and herbs. It was designed not only for everyday enjoyment, but also for use in times of disaster, such as making fires and cooking, and securing food such as fruits.

K-sama garden, Fujisawa city, Kanagawa prefecture

"Sustainable garden"

All gardens created using the Alice method are designed to circulate within the garden, making it sustainable. This garden is no exception, and all the branches and leaves that come out of the garden are placed in the garden, so they are not thrown away as garbage. A variety of organisms live under the branches and leaves that are laid down, decomposing them and turning them into nutrients for the garden, making the garden grow. The upside-down pot you see in the image is a food composter, and you can put vegetable scraps, fish bones, etc. from your home into it to use as nutrients for your garden. We recommend that you install this as well, as it can significantly reduce household waste and is good for your garden.

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