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What alice values


Living things



Close relationship with plant roots

Creating a comfortable environment for non-human creatures

You are the gardener of your garden.

Soil that grows plants well means that the soil is rich in bacteria and microorganisms. How do we make such the soil? That is where the creation of an Alice Garden begins.

Insects and animals are not classified as harmful or non-harmful; they are all part of the ecosystem. If you eliminate them with medicine because they are bad insects, there will be no insects to prey on them, which could have the opposite effect of causing a large number of insects to appear the following year. Alice Garden is also good at creating gardens that also serve as a habitat for a variety of living things.

Thanks to bacteria, microorganisms, and living things, maintenance will gradually become less necessary, and in a few years, you will even be able to manage it yourself. Enjoy the changing seasons by observing and harvesting plants that grow well. Alice Garden Design also holds workshops where you can learn how to grow and enjoy plants.


in the soil, on the surface

Fungi (mycorrhizal fungi) transfer nutrients to and from plant roots in the soil. Bacteria coexist with each other by supplying nutrients produced by plants through photosynthesis, and plants supplementing nutrients that cannot be taken in by their own roots. There is a network of bacteria in the soil, and plants that come into contact with it can help each other by sharing nutrients. If you sterilize or disinfect the mycelium, remove it, till the soil, or dig up more soil than necessary because you think it is dirty, the symbiotic relationship will have to start all over again.NO DIG GARDENING - No-till, no-dig gardening

Plants, birds, insects

It is scientifically clear that plants send messages such as warnings and rescue messages to surrounding plants and animals in order to protect themselves and surrounding plants from feeding damage and disease, and to receive pollen. It is becoming. However, in order to demonstrate this ability, we believe that it is important to have a symbiotic relationship between roots and fungi, and to not use pesticides or disinfectants. This type of communication through plants naturally occurs without pesticides in the natural world, and by maintaining a balanced ecosystem in the garden, you can maintain a healthy space.ORGANIC GARDENING - Pesticide-free gardening


garden fun

It could be a flower that blooms unexpectedly, it could be harvesting vegetables and fruits grown by the power of nature, or it could be spending time doing something you like while surrounded by the garden air. . By learning little by little about plants, insects, animals, and fungi, you can approach your garden with ease and without fear, and the discrimination that separates weeds from non-weeds, pests from beneficial insects, etc. will gradually diminish. Masu. Alice does not call unnecessary plants weeds. Every plant that grows and every creature that lives there has a name and a reason. There are ways to think about this and deal with garden problems, and use it to enrich your garden.ALICE METHOD GARDENINGis.

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