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Chelsea Flower Show 2024

Balcony Garden

Chelsea Flower Show 2024無事終了しました!

This was my first time competing at the Chelsea Flower Show and I won a Silver Gilt Medal!

Thank you for your support!


Team Alice will be participating in the Chelsea Flower Show.

The word "sustainable" has been heard a lot lately.
If you look closely, you can see a colorful ring-shaped badge attached to the chest of a person wearing a suit.
Carbon neutral? A decarbonized society? Is this a goal set by car companies?
Is it a government initiative or something that is done by big companies and has no bearing on the general public?
Although the coronavirus is no longer a cause for concern, people's lives are so tight that they don't have the luxury of worrying about the environment.
I often hear and feel things like that.
Although there are various theories, people are certainly at a point where they need to rethink their lives in order to face future environmental changes.
Therefore, Alice Garden Design wanted to inform not only Japan but also the world of the ``Alice Method,'' a method that is friendly to people and the environment, which is practiced in the gardens of many customers, and this year's RHS featured it in a big way. I decided to participate this time because the theme of the event is "sustainability."
The Chelsea Flower Show is one of the world's largest garden exhibitions and has been held since 1913, sponsored by the Royal Horticultural Society RHS.
The stage for Alice's first Chelsea performance is the Balcony Garden, the smallest of the shows at 2m deep x 5m wide x 2.5m high.
Although it is small, balconies are not connected to the ground, so it is difficult to describe them as ``sustainable'' due to problems such as root blockage and depletion of nutrients.
I will try to include all kinds of Alice Methods, such as the importance of carbon dioxide absorbed by plants and soil, the importance of healthy insects and birds, and how each small garden can be a step towards improving the global environment. Thank you for your support.  
2024 alice garden design



What's Nobonsai?

Nobonsai is a word coined by Alice Garden Design to describe a garden where a part of nature has been cut out into a balcony that looks like a large container.
We will show you how you can create a sustainable garden without replanting, fertilizing, or disinfecting even if you have a balcony garden that is not directly connected to the ground.
One of the methods is also expected to be used as a countermeasure for watering in the UK in response to global warming.

Tomie's Cuisine the Nobonsai


Creating a garden that doesn't get thrown away

No waste gardening means in Alice that gardening waste is not taken out of the garden to be disposed of.
To this end, it is important not to throw away pruned branches, grass that has been cut back or mowed, and leaves that have been collected, but rather to use them as nutrients for the next budding plant, and to avoid using materials that are difficult to decompose naturally, such as plastic. We are doing things.


About the Nobonsai

In wild bonsai, fruit trees such as yuzu, blueberries, and hazelnuts, culinary herbs such as mint, thyme, oregano, and sage, and various perennial plants are planted in wooden containers. Since there is a load limit for balcony gardens, cardboard is placed at the bottom to reduce the amount of soil while retaining water.
Sustainability is a major keyword for this Chelsea project, so we will be incorporating plenty of the Alice Method, which is kind to both people and the environment, in the limited space of a balcony.



NOBONSAI sponsors


Tomie's Cuisine

Tomie's Cuisine

Tomie's Cuisine is a members-only blog site that introduces eco-friendly products, recipes for healthy, nutritionally balanced meals, and recipes for koji seasonings. The recipes are mainly from the UK, and the seasonings such as onion koji and kimchi are particularly delicious, and are used in Alice's meals.

​Takehiro Sangyo Corporation

​Takehiro Sangyo Corporation

Takehiro Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a garden material wholesaler located in Koda-cho, Aichi Prefecture, with friendly staff and a wide variety of materials. We are always grateful for their flexibility in responding to the materials needed for Alice Garden, which is a little different from others.


​Niwaki Ltd.

Niwaki is a British brand that sells a variety of Japanese lifestyle goods, including not only garden tools but also knives and workwear. They share the passion and joy of using Japanese tools with people in the UK and other countries. Founder Jake has a keen eye for quality, and Alice Garden has been using Niwaki tools, including Niwaki pruning shears, for a long time.

We would also like to thank the many other companies and individuals who have sponsored us .

More details will be provided in the pamphlets distributed at the venue.

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